This guide describes the output terminals of the PM90F30 system and the installation of their protective covers.

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The 3 outputs of a PM90F30 section can be connected in parallel to achieve a single high-current output terminal. This guide explains how to install the dedicated busbar for parallel operation and its safety cover.

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This article explains the cooling strategy in the PM90 enclosures, and provides guidelines to improve the air flow and thermal performance in these type of systems.

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This article explains how to join and align two or more enclosures in PM90 multi-system applications.

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Instruction on how to handle, lift and install systems.

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This article explains how to connect an external emergency circuit to a Triphase system.

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Posted on 2015-09-15

This article explains the signification of the PMx indicators and buttons.

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This article explains how to create the basis of a PMx system simulation.

Tags: PM90, PM15, Simulink, Simulation, Model

This article explains how the emergency stop loop of a PMx system works and how it can be operated.

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