On March 18th, 2014 the first 100% Electric Truck in Belgium was commissioned for operation. Triphase, E-Trucks Europe and Flander’s Drive have successfully fulfilled the development and operational requirements of this innovative concept. Triphase’s involvement include the supply, assembly and configuration an eV6-SKAI™ motor drive, an EVO AFM-240 PMSM motor and an eVSync™ enhanced gearbox control for electric motorization

Tags: Electric Vehicle, Energy Management, Battery Interface

Posted on 2014-03-18

A 180 kW battery tester/emulator was realised for Flanders Drive. It offers 2 channels with up to 1000V or up to 1000 A. It is completely programmable with datalogging and can be used in combination with climate chambers.

Tags: PHIL, Rapid Control Prototyping, Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Battery Testing, Battery Emulation

Posted on 2012-01-10

A flexible E-machine test bench was realized for Advanced Electromagnetics. The bench allows different motor types to be set up and controlled. Energy is recirculated over the DC bus to minimize energy consumption. Additional voltage and current measurements and Digital and analog IO is provided to connect additional sensors such as torque, temperature etc. This allows the test engineers to log all data in a single, synchronized datalogger.

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Posted on 2011-08-01