Laborelec operates a combination of Triphase systems to develop energy management algorithms, evaluate components such as EV & EVSE, stationary battery, stationary fuel cell, ..., simulate components such as EV, home energy consumption and PV and interface with non-standard hardware.

Tags: Automotive, Battery Testing, Battery Emulation, Fuel Cells, Photovoltaic Interface, Energy Management, Energy Storage

Posted on 2013-12-02

A large scale unique energy storage test bed was realized at Newcastle University - storing energy from the local grid and testing innovative new technologies such as super-capacitors and long life, high performance batteries. Triphase provided all power interfaces, control units, communication busses and supercapacitor units

Tags: Energy Storage, Supercapacitors, Rapid Control Prototyping, Power Quality, Automotive, Grid Interface, Energy Management, Battery Testing

Posted on 2015-01-05

A 180 kW battery tester/emulator was realised for Flanders Drive. It offers 2 channels with up to 1000V or up to 1000 A. It is completely programmable with datalogging and can be used in combination with climate chambers.

Tags: PHIL, Rapid Control Prototyping, Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Battery Testing, Battery Emulation

Posted on 2012-01-10

The new power module joins the existing modules previously installed at Laborelec.

Tags: Energy Storage, Energy Management, Battery Emulation, Battery Testing

Posted on 2016-01-15