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This document describes the relevant layers of the Triphase  Real-Time Inter-PC Interface. They include the physical network link based on a 250 Mbit/s optical ring network, the packet-based data exchange over the optical ring network and the application interfaces to many of the Triphase power apps.

Tags: PHIL, Opal-RT, Inter-PC Communication

This article will explain the different steps in one switching cycle.

Tags: Simulink, Timing

This article will explain the use of Latency in Triphase simulink models.

Tags: Simulink, Timing

This article introduces the Triphase Virtual Circuit Control method. This is an intuitive approach to power electronics control whereby semiconductor half bridges are used to mimic the behaviour of passive components. As such, the physical circuit is transformed into a "virtual circuit" that is much easier tomanipulate. The Triphase High-Performance Control (HPC) software library provides implementations of this method for various converter topologies.

Tags: Simulink, HPC, Rapid Control Prototyping, Motor Control, Virtual Circuit

A short description of the acquisition and filtering procedure of our delta/sigma based voltage and current measurements

Tags: Delta/Sigma, Measurements