Programmable Motor Drives

The electrification of the industry results in a large number of motor drives being deployed across various fields. This requires an efficient mechanism to develop advanced, application-specific motor drive controls for industry, research and education.

To this end, Triphase designs and manufactures a rapid prototyping platform for motor drives to freely explore, develop and test inverter control strategies. The inverters encompass on board safety protections as well as all necessary measurements

Solution Overview

Triphase provides programmable inverters covering 2- and 3-level converters, as well as multi-phase and multi-axis applications ranging from a few kW up to several MW.

Drive control programming is fully integrated in Matlab/Simulink, with PWM level access to switches and sensor data.

Upon request, we also offer consultancy services to integrate with your Device Under Test as well as your Test automation and Simulation Platform.

Rapid Prototyping Platform

Software and hardware to define, run and analyse algorithms on the motor drive.

Motor Drive System

One or multiple inverters and a unidirectional or bidirectional power supply.


One or multiple motors subject of the test algorithm.

Triphase Customer / Partner


Our programmable motor drives are suitable for a wide range of applications in industry, research and education. Some examples are given below. Have an application in mind? Contact us with your requirements.

Key features and figures

  • 5 kW up to 1 MW
  • Single and multi-axis applications
  • 2- and 3-level topologies
  • From 3 up to 15 phase drives
  • Switching frequency 2 - 100 kHz


  • User-friendly programming in Matlab/Simulink
  • Support for wide range of industrial inverter stacks
  • Nano-second level synchroniziation of multiple inverter stacks
  • Optional Active front-end for energy recuperation / low THD
  • Optional additional sensors with inverter-synchronized data capture

Single motor drive

Suitable for motor control education

Doubly-Fed Induction Generator

Fully programmable controls for the DFIG and AFE

Triphase Your Motor

Software Interfaces

PMx can be programmed in Matlab/Simulink, scripted in Python and operated from a user-friendly web interface.


Simulink-based software development with extensive open-source control libraries.


Integrated Python interface allows easy setup and results analysis of extensive tests.


Easy setup of web-based operator interfaces that allow basic control of your system.

Communication Interfaces

PMx offers a variety of communication interfaces in order to integrate with your existing infrastructure.


Digital, real-time integration with Opal-RT, RTDS, NI, Speedgoat for straightforward setup of Power Hardware In the Loop (PHIL) scenarios.


Support for a wide variety of fieldbuses and protocols for easy integration with third-party automation systems.

Sensor/actuator IO

Support for a variety of IO cards for easy control / interfacing of analog sensors and actuators.

Featured Use Case

Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Testbed for University of Valencia [ES]

4Q motor drive for DFIG

  • Active front-end
  • Programmable motor drive for rotor control
  • Speed + Torque sensor interface
  • Additional voltage and current sensors for stator measurement

2Q motor drive for wind emulator motor

Turn-key mechanical setup (by one of our partners)

Triphase Real Time Control Platform

  • Triphase rapid control prototyping platform (programmable in Matlab/Simulink)
  • Open DFIG control software

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