Software Development Kit

For Matlab/Simulink

The Triphase SDK is the set of tools and libraries available for users to create their own applications. This allows them to fully exploit all possibilities and configurations supported by the hardware. One of the main SDK features is the seamless integration with Matlab/Simulink.

  • Develop your own applications using the graphical Simulink block diagram editor.
  • Auto-compile real-time applications from your Simulink model to the Real Time Target
  • Access your real-time application on the RTT and control it directly from the engineering PC using either Simulink or the MATLAB command line
  • Start and stop test execution, change the sample time and stop time, and modify other target application properties in real-time
  • Tune and optimize parameter values before, during, and after real-time execution of models on the RTT from within Simulink
  • Monitor performance directly in Simulink in real-time

Communication Library for Matlab/Simulink

The Communication Library allows the user to interface with Triphase equipment directly from within a Matlab/Simulink model. The library includes

  • The System-Level Communication Blockset: this blockset provides access to the system's real-time and non real-time communication interfaces. This includes reading of hardware measurement values and writing of hardware actuator settings, communication between different applications running on the same RTT, data logging as well as communication between applications and various user interfaces.
  • The Application-Level Communication Blockset: this blockset provides user-friendly wrappers in Simulink for communication with the applications that are part of this offering.

System level communication blockset

Hardware access: these blocks allow direct interfacing with Triphase hardware. Users can access real-time measurement streams, communicate with field busses, and control the power module's half bridges.
Inter-app communication: these blocks allow interfacing with other apps running on the control unit.
Data Logging block: this block allows you to record any data from your model to the controller's hard disk. You can set decimation and event triggers.
HMI: Inputs and outputs connected to HMI blocks become accessible in a web-based user interface when building the model, allowing the created application to be used and controlled by operators while hiding unnecessary complexity and options.

Application-level Communication Blockset

PowerApp: This is a user-friendly wrapper in Simulink for communication with the PowerApps that are part of this offering. It allows you to control the specified setpoints directly from a custom Simulink model.

High Performance Control Library (HPC)

The High Performance Control Library is integrated in the Matlab/Simulink engineering environment. The library provides a wide variety of application templates and components that can be used for application development. Depending on interest and skills, users can interact with HPC at three different levels:

  1. Template level: The main task for the user is to define the power flow management strategy, providing templates with the proper active and reactive power setpoints.
  2. Function-block level: Users create large parts of the programs themselves but make use of preprogrammed function blocks, e.g. PLLs, LCL filter observers, buffer controls, etc.
  3. Hardware level: This is the classical level in which users directly interact with hardware measurements and actuators while programming everything themselves with or without the HPC Library. This gives the user total control over every aspect of the system's behaviour.

Included in the SDK are the Simulink models of the included application software.

Matlab/Simulink Requirements

To use the software development kit, you need to install the following software on your engineering PC:

  • Matlab and Simulink r2012b and above (32 and 64 bit).
  • Real-Time Workshop toolbox for all versions below r2011b; Matlab Coder and Simulink Coder Coder for all versions > 2011b.

Licences for these software packages are not delivered by Triphase and should be obtained from the Mathworks!


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