AC Current Source

High-performance control software for PM15/PM90 modules.

This software is delivered both as a binary, fixed application on the target PC (with a graphical user interface) as well as an open-source, editable template for Matlab/Simulink (requires the Triphase SDK)

  • Programmable active current
  • Programmable reactive current
  • Programmable harmonic content
  • Programmable voltage limit
  • Direct access in Matlab/Simulink
  • Through Graphical User Interface
  • File-based setpoint specification
  • Model-based through application interface
  • Network-based setpoint specification (Ethernet, ModBUS, CAN; proper network interface required)
Supported output
  • [AC1] Single-phase, 2-wire AC
  • [4AC1] 4 x Single-phase, 2-wire AC
  • [6AC1] 6 x Single-phase, 2-wire AC
  • [AC3] Three-phase, 3-wire AC
  • [3AC3] 3 x Three-phase, 3-wire AC
  • [4AC3] 4 x Three-phase, 3-wire AC
  • [AC4] Three-phase, 4-wire AC
  • [2AC4] 2 x Three-phase, 4-wire AC
  • [3AC4] 3 x Three-phase, 4-wire AC

Supported Matlab/Simulink versions: R2012b and later


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