Software Development Kit and Models

Triphase offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a comprehensive library of application-specific models.

Software Development Kit for Matlab/Simulink

The Triphase SDK is the set of tools and libraries available for users to create their own applications. This allows them to fully exploit all possibilities and configurations supported by the hardware. One of the main SDK features is the seamless integration with Matlab/Simulink.

  • Develop your own applications using the graphical Simulink block diagram editor.
  • Auto-compile real-time applications from your Simulink model to the Real Time Target
  • Access your real-time application on the RTT and control it directly from the engineering PC using either Simulink or the MATLAB command line
  • Start and stop test execution, change the sample time and stop time, and modify other target application properties in real-time
  • Tune and optimize parameter values before, during, and after real-time execution of models on the RTT from within Simulink
  • Monitor performance directly in Simulink in real-time

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The Triphase GUI kit is an open-source javascript library that allows users to build user-friendly, web-based interfaces for their applications in minutes. The GUI kit offers widgets for most common GUI elements such as scopes, sliders, buttons etc. Users can compose their own GUIs through an XML-like structure and the resulting GUI is automatically generated. GUIs run on all modern internet devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Scripting Kit

The Triphase scripting kit offers an executable python notebook. It’ s a perfect marriage of documentation and code. The notebook enables the user to write and execute code together with extensively documenting the code. This interface provides an easy setup of automation tasks by allowing great data-capturing and analysing features.

Application-specific Models

Software models for a wide variety of applications. Models come both as a binary, fixed application on the target PC as well as an open-source, editable template.

Voltage and current control: AC Voltage Source, AC Current Source, DC Voltage Source, DC Current Source

Motor control: Induction Motor Control, PMSM Control


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