Easy to use

The kits are designed and manufactured with safety and ease-of-use in mind.

Generic Software Interfaces

All programming is executed on the software best known in academics: Matlab/Simulink™ and Python.

Multiple applications

The kits are modular and flexible, allowing them to be employed in a wide variety of applications and courses.

Bachelor to PhD level

The different software layers and interfaces allow use by first year bachelor students up to PhD level researchers.

All-in kits for hands-on power conversion education

  • Power conversion building blocks suitable for motor drive and converter control, grid-coupled applications, power quality, energy storage interfacing and many more.
  • Combination of a real time control platform with Matlab/Simulinkā„¢ programmable inverters, filters and measurements.
  • Software libraries and examples to facilitate the design of applications for hands-on teaching seminars.
  • Kits are delivered as a set of components with clear instruction manuals on how to assemble different power conversion configurations.

System Overview

The Triphase Kit offering consists of:

  • Central control unit with real-time PWM-level access to building blocks
  • 5 kVA power conversion building blocks
  • 3-phase IGBT Inverter
  • 3-phase LC(L)(C) Filter
  • Voltage and current measurements
  • Software for engineering and operation via user PC
  • Training and examples for realizing your own AC/DC, DC/DC and motor control applications
  • High-performance industrial PC with real-time operating system
  • Triphase real-time network master interface with PWM-level access to connected building blocks
  • Centralized control over arbitrary combination of building blocks, allowing easy setup of multi-inverter applications
  • Hard disk for data-logging
  • Ethernet connection for engineering and operation via user PC
  • 3-phase IGBT inverter with measurements, DC bus and rectifier (with precharge)
  • Rating: 3 x 400 VRMS - 3 x 16 ARMS
  • Switching frequency: 8 - 16 kHz
  • Measurements: DC bus voltage; 3 x output current; temperature
  • Interfaces:
    • 1x Triphase real-time network interface
    • 3x MZ2 Triphase sensor interface
    • 1x Quadrature Encoder Position (QEP) 5V
  • 3-phase LC(L)(C) filter suitable for AC and DC applications in voltage and current source mode
  • 10 ARMS per phase/channel
  • Designed for 16 kHz switching frequency | 1.2 kHz bandwidth
  • Connect, precharge and configuration contactors + controller
  • Fans for magnetics cooling
  • Real-time measurements with delta-sigma conversion synchronized to inverter switching frequency
    • 3x 25 ARMS current measurements
    • 6x 1000 VRMS voltage measurements
  • Network hub for interconnection with Triphase real-time network
  • Configuration and fan control of connected filter stage

    To complete the offering, Triphase can deliver several electrical machines, installed on a mechanical rig with speed sensors included:

    • 3 kW Induction Motor (IM)
    • 3 kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM)

User-friendly engineering, automation and operation


Model-based software development, deployment and monitoring in Matlab/SimulinkTM


Scripting, analysis and report generation via web-based Python Interface


User-friendly operation and monitoring of finished applications in web-based interface

Example Applications

3-phase Motor Drive

Suitable for:

  • AC machine control
    • Induction motor
    • Permanent magnet motor
  • DC machine control
    • Brushed DC motor
    • Brushless DC motor

3-phase AC/DC Converter or 3-channel DC/DC

Suitable for:

  • Current source operation
    • Active front-end (with DC bus output to other inverter)
    • Energy Storage interfacing (with DC bus output to other inverter)
    • Active filter
    • Ac or DC Source Emulation
  • Unidirectional voltage source operation
    • Controlled power supply
    • Source Emulation

4-quadrant motor drive

Suitable for:

  • Bidirectional motor/generator control with energy recuperation to grid
  • Doubly fed induction generator control

Back-to-back 3-phase motor rig

Suitable for:

  • Motor test benches with machine under test and load machine

Back-to-back 3-phase AC/DC-DC/AC or 3-channel AC/DC-DC/DC Converter

Suitable for:

  • Bidirectional voltage source operation
    • AC or DC Grid emulation
  • Bidirectional current source operation
    • Load/ source emulation
    • Soft open point
  • Battery testing and characterisation
  • Battery-based peak shaving
  • Photovoltaic panel interfacing


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