Programmable Microgrid Converters

The shift from big plant-fed grids to smaller converter-fed microgrids creates the need for balancing, matching supply and demand and maintaining stability. This requires a straightforward mechanism to develop advanced, application-specific microgrid controls in industry, research and education.

To this end, Triphase designs and manufactures programmable, multifunctional AC and DC converters to freely explore, develop and test microgrid control strategies. The converters come with ready to use voltage and current control software to give you a headstart on development.

Solution Overview

Triphase provides multifunctional, multi-channel AC and DC converters to enable the realization of low voltage AC and DC microgrids that integrate with a variety of loads and sources.

Each delivery includes complementary control software that allows you to focus on power flow, energy management and grid quality control.

Upon request, we also offer consultancy services to integrate with your Device Under Test as well as your Test automation and Simulation Platform.

Rapid Prototyping Platform

Software and hardware to define, run and analyse algorithms on the converter.

Microgrid Converter System

PMx allows quick realiziation of customized setups comprised of one or multiple AC/DC, DC/DC or AC/AC converters.

Microgrid / Device

AC or DC interface towards the Microgrid or an Interfaceable Device (Battery, PV Panel, ...)

Triphase Customer / Partner


PMx Microgrid Converters can be programmed for a wide variety of functionalities (and combinations thereof), as long as they're within the voltage, current and dynamic specifications.

  • 4-quadrant AC and DC applications
  • 15 kW up to 2 MW
  • AC: 0-690 VRMS / 0-1600 ARMS
  • DC: 0-1250 VDC / 0-1600 ADC

Our PMx systems have a range of tools to program behaviour locally, but are also an excellent candidate for integration in a Power Hardware In the Loop (PHIL) system, using our various digital integrations.

Some example applications are given below

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Converter
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Converter
  • Soft Open Point (SOP) Converter
  • Virtual Synchronous Generator (VSYNC; VSG) Converter
  • AC Grid / Load Emulation
  • DC Grid / Load Emulation
  • Active Filter Converter
  • Static Compensator (STATCOM) Converter
  • Phase Balancing Converter

One converter system can also combine multiple of the functions above. Have another application in mind? Contact us with your requirements.

Below, an example microgrid setup using Triphase converters is given.

Microgrid Building Blocks

Examples of programmable AC/DC, DC/DC, and AC/AC converters

Triphase Microgrid Loads / Sources

Software Interfaces

PMx can be programmed in Matlab/Simulink, scripted in Python and operated from a user-friendly web interface.


Simulink-based software development with extensive open-source control libraries.


Integrated Python interface allows easy setup and results analysis of extensive tests.


Easy setup of web-based operator interfaces that allow basic control of your system.

Communication Interfaces

PMx offers a variety of communication interfaces in order to integrate with your existing infrastructure.


Digital, real-time integration with Opal-RT, RTDS, NI, Speedgoat for straightforward setup of Power Hardware In the Loop (PHIL) scenarios.


Support for a wide variety of fieldbuses and protocols for easy integration with third-party automation systems.

Sensor/actuator IO

Support for a variety of IO cards for easy control / interfacing of analog sensors and actuators.

Featured Use Case

Grid-integration of renewables for Meta PV, Infrax

Programmable Power Converter for exploring strategies for short-term buffering of fluctuations due to PV installations as well as ancillary services including power factor correction, power balancing and harmonic filtering.

  • A 180 kW active front-end with active controlled neutral wire
  • A PV array on the roof, connected to the main grid through commercial PV inverters
  • A 750V, 60 kWh kWh battery pack, connected to the Triphase Power Module's DC bus
  • Several balanced and unbalanced loads connected to the main grid
  • A voltage and current measurement device installed at the main grid connection

Check out the full use case here!

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