High Performance Drive Systems for Testing

Modern (e-)vehicle drivetrain components, such as motors, drives and gearboxes are subject to rigorous validation techniques during both R&D and end-of-line tests. These tests require advanced, high dynamic torque and speed profiles.

To this end, Triphase designs and manufactures high speed, high performance dynamometer drives, AC and DC power supplies, and accompanying controllers and software.

Solution Overview

Triphase employs an integrated hardware/software and electrical/mechanical design approach to deliver customized test systems.

Our core expertise lies in the power conversion system and its control. We also provide a seamless integration with your DUT as well as your test automation and simulation platform.

We take your project from the design phase through to final commissioning, and continues to support you with your future testing goals.

Test automation and simulation

Software and hardware to define, run and analyse tests and simulations.

Power Conversion and Control

High performance dynamometer drive system that includes the inverters, 4Q power supplies, sensors and controllers.

DUT + Mechanical Setup

DUT, dynamometers, torque and speed sensors, mounted on a mechanical frame.

Triphase Customer / Partner


With our customized drive systems, Triphase pushes the boundries of technology and performance. Typical applications are test rigs for e-motors and multi-axis transmissions. Contact us to discuss your application.

Key features and figures:

  • Nominal power up to 2 MW
  • up to 20.000 rpm / 1000 Nm
  • Closed loop torque measurement
  • Active front-end for energy recuperation / low THD
  • Integrated voltage and current measurements
  • Optional: low intertia load motor
  • Optional: integrated battery emulator
  • Optional: active peak power buffer for DC bus

Together with our Partners, we can also deliver:

  • Integration with National Instruments (NI) / IPG CarMaker
  • Mechanical test bench + load motors
Turn-key 20.000rpm dynamometer setup

Motor / Generator Testing

Advanced, high dynamic torque profiles

We can deliver test solutions for a motor only as well as a motor + inverter combination. The inverter can connect directly to our DC bus or via a DC source (e.g. battery emulator).

Transmission Testing

Synchronized torque profiles on multi-axis DUTs

Triphase Your Device Under Test (DUT) Partner

6 Reasons to Choose Triphase

5 kHz torque bandwidth

Using advanced software and hardware control techniques, we push industrial hardware to its limits. We also deliver customized converter designs (multi-phase, multi-level).

Actively controlled torque transfer

We use closed-loop torque control, with controllers tuned to the characteristics of the DUT and test bench. This enables very high torque accuracy, even for multi-axis applications.

Dynamic power management

Our Active Front-end (AFE) control is tuned to the application, and we can include DC bus buffering to handle rapid acceleration and peak power without oversizing the AFE or distorting the grid.

System-wide synchronization

All sensors and actuators are synchronized with nano-level precision and locally digitized, enabling inverter-synchronized voltage, current, speed and torque measurements close to the DUT.

Consultancy and support

We work with our customers to achieve their specific testing goals, by offering state-of-the-art services before, during and after commissioning.

For integrators and end-customers

Triphase is flexible and works with 3rd-parties, integrators and directly with end-customers, depending on the scope of the requirements.

Discuss your application with one of our sales engineers.

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