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Posted on 2018-08-07

The prestigious Newcastle University, with their research-intensive reputation, chooses Triphase for their Excellent Supplier Award in the category of ‘’Best Use of Technology’’. They substantiated the award with this much-appreciated justification:

Triphase fits a number of categories but we think their contribution to the student experience stands out, in particular with regard to the web-enabled teaching rig This provides a route to give students some exposure to labs that they would not get anywhere else and, therefore puts Newcastle at the leading edge. Another aspect of it is to allow remote dial in which could even lead to teaching students in, for example war torn countries where we couldn't visit and they don't have the funds or infrastructure, thus providing us with fresh approaches to teaching overseas.

They have supplied us with the main power converter we use within the Smart Grid Lab, the power converters, control systems and interfaces around the Energy Storage Test Bed in the EPT. Last year they supported us in moving the Test Bed from Merz to the USB and installed some new equipment. Triphase offered us their solution to a web enabled teaching rig and as a result of this submission we have been awarded £45k of Faculty money to build it. They have offered the solution to instrument the Newcastle University Electric Vehicle Filling Station over at the USB. Alongside all of this, they, upon our recommendations, supply equipment to some of our partner Universities and support us all in working together including Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. They have offered excellent technical support, customer support, teaching and training on their equipment, collaborations interfacing 3rd party equipment. They have offered and implemented some very innovative use and design of equipment, they always deliver a solution. They are currently working on designing a £500k converter as part of the UKRPIF bid (Equipment) proposal for the SAgE Faculty.

We have not yet discovered another company working in this field that can offer a product flexible enough to cater for current and future, research and teaching. Without the working relationship we have with them, and supply of their products, our labs may not be as flexible and user friendly as they are.