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Posted on 2015-09-16

The SEPDC partners’ project, developed in the frame of Eco Design for Systems, provided an innovative "Smart Electrical Power Distribution Centre” for the Copperbird electrical test bench enveloped in the frame of the program. The project, a consortium made up of a university (ESIEE Amiens) and 2 SMEs (Hazemeyer and Triphase), successfully developed a proper system able to smartly connect electrical loads and sources via configurable bases to simulate different operative conditions together with the introduction of advanced control, sensing, programmability, protection, and auto-diagnostic capabilities. The equipment including the simulation tool has been commissioned and integrated into the Copperbird: it is fully operational and is a key feature in supporting the ongoing test campaign aimed at different aircraft configurations and it will be finalised in the frame of the program.

More information and movie: http://www.labinal-power.com/media/20150504_copper-birdr-lps-benefits-unique-test-rig-use-research-more-electric-aircraft

Application page on our website: http://triphase.com/applications/smart-electrical-power-distribution-centre-for-cleansky