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Posted on 2018-05-23

Our first Triphase commissioning in India!

Under the watchful eye of Prof. dr. Agarwal of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay. Their research lab, Applied Power Electronics Laboratory (APEL), recently acquired Triphase equipment to support their PhD students’ thesis research experiments. The university is among the most prestigious and competitive in India and the Triphase equipment takes their capabilities to the next level of manipulating power. The APEL research focuses on control loops and topology. They acquired a PM15 system from Triphase with an active front end that feeds the system with power and a reconfigurable 6 wire output. The output can be configured to create various AC scenarios through an isolation transformer such as single phase, three phase and 4-wire AC with active controlled neutral. Without the transformer, several DC scenarios can also be achieved. The equipment had to be flexible enough to support a range of experiments by the 20+ PhD students, including work analyzing a weak grid and droop control prototyping . During the 5 days training our instructor was impressed by the students, their inquisitiveness and level of engagement which will allow them to explore the full potential of the Triphase system.

We look forward to revisiting them in a year or so to hear how they have optimized their power skills!