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Posted on 2017-01-12

Triphase has successfully bid to supply 9 sets of educational power conversion kits to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver, Canada.

The Triphase Educational Kit is designed for hands-on laboratory experiments involving power electronic conversion. The kit contains: a PC based real time control unit; programmable and reconfigurable power converters; output filters; voltage and current sensing hardware; and I/O hardware compatible with commonly used industrial communication protocols. Power electronic conversion systems are key elements in emerging areas such as distributed renewable energy generation and for disruptive technologies such as electric vehicles. As such, there is an unquestioned need for hands-on exposure to these systems in institutes of higher education worldwide. With this new product line, Triphase is offering affordable, flexible kits to meet this need directly.

Thanks to the flexibility and modularity of the educational kit, it can be used for a wide range of experiments involving power electronics and control such as: AC grid-tie applications; motor and generator control; distributed energy resource integration or control; active power factor correction or active filtering; and AC or DC microgrids.

The user experience and the ease of use are central in our approach. The educational kit integrates seamlessly with Matlab/Simulink for rapid control prototyping and allows the user to validate control strategies in both simulation and on a physical system. On top of this a web interface and application programming interface for python is included, allowing for custom interface design, adapted to a level suitable for students in different courses or disciplines.

As part of their continual efforts to improve, modernize, and add key hands-on activities to their electrical engineering programs, BCIT will integrate this modular solution into their curriculum. Based on guidelines provided by Triphase, laboratory experiments and lecture material associated with the educational kits will be developed by BCIT for incoming students.