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2016-04-26 at IMDEA Energy Institute, Spain

Rapid prototyping technology is used in power systems to facilitate development of control algorithms and create Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) test environments. The workshop will join experts from research centers, universities and companies and address the state of the art in the rapid prototyping technologies. The PHIL installation at IMDEA Energy Institute will be used for experimental demonstration of principal concepts. The event will be of interest for companies as well as universities and research centers developing and testing renewable and storage integration, DFIGs and motor control and programmable supplies, loads and sources.

TRIPHASE events aim to bring people together on the topic of rapid control prototyping in a wide range of applications to share experiences and to inspire one another.

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Keynote: Opportunities to rethink the grid

The grid is undergoing a gentle revolution. There are three long term trends. Firstly more generation and loads are being connected to the grid that is essentially DC by source. Secondly more generation is distributed. Thirdly thermal and electro-chemical storage are becoming smarter and more conventional. Consumers have unprecedented opportunities to become independent. This talk examines the implications of these three trends and develops some interesting possibilities.

Prof. Malcolm McCulloch is currently holding positions as head of the Energy and Power Group (EPG) and Associate Professor in the department of Engineering Sciences at the University of Oxford UK.


Dr. Milan Prodanovic will present the research in the field of Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) executed by IMDEA Energy. The presentation is complemented by a live demonstration of the PHIL-concept applied to microgrids at the IMDEA Energy’s Smart Energy Integration Lab.

TRIPHASE will present a novel design method for half-bridge converters with higher order output filters. Often the selection of the output filter and the derivation of the control structure are handled separately. A design method is presented in which both problems are tackled simultaneously. The input of the method is the desired closed-loop transfer function, the output is the converter’s output filter together with the control structure.

OPAL-RT will present the expanded possibilities of combining OPAL-RT real-time simulators with the Triphase rapid prototyping platform.



Tuesday, 26st of April 2016 at 9.00 AM - 15.00 PM (CEST)


IMDEA Energy Institute Avda. Ramón de la Sagra, 3
Parque Tecnológico de Móstoles
E-28935 Móstoles, Madrid


09.00-09.10Welcome Address by Prof. David Serrano, Director IMDEA Energy Institute and Dr. Ir. Jeroen Van den Keybus, CTO Triphase
09.10-10.10Keynote: Opportunities to rethink the grid by Prof. Malcolm McCulloch, University of Oxford, UK
10.10-10.40Presentation: Virtual circuit design method for half-bridge converters with higher order output filters by Bruno Hendrickx, Triphase
10.40-11.10Presentation: Microgrid and grid-support applications. What's happening in the field? by Pieter Coppens, Triphase
11.10-11.30Coffee break
11.30-11.50Presentation: OPAL-RT real-time simulators in combination with Triphase by Yoann Mougenot, OPAL-RT
11.50-12.20Presentation: Rapid prototyping experience at IMDEA Energy Institute by Dr. Milan Prodanovic, IMDEA Energy Institute
12.20-13.00Demonstration and laboratory visit by Dr. Milan Prodanovic and Dr. Jorn Klaas Gruber
13.00-13.30Closing of the event
13.30-15.00Networking event and buffet lunch


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