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Posted on 2017-10-31

The Power Application Engineer is responsible for the implementation of electric power conversion and automation systems on the Triphase platform. He or she has a significant number of components at his or her disposal to efficiently create complex systems, implementing the vision and strategy of Triphase.

The Power Application Engineer also provides support for delivered systems to select customers.

The Power Application Engineer is supported primarily by the test and support engineering team, and is supervised by the Solutions Architect.

Primary tasks

  • design and implement electric power conversion and automation systems
  • write documentation for the designed and implemented applications
  • attend project meetings for the technical aspects of the meeting
  • testing of the implemented system at the factory and customer site
  • customer training and after-sales report.

Secondary tasks

  • support the sales team on new project proposals
  • provide feedback to the test and support engineers for improvement of the Triphase platform.

Skills required

  • good knowledge of the MATLAB/Simulink design flow
  • working knowledge of Linux scripting (bash and Perl) to automate recurring tasks
  • able to work in a multidisciplinary team of hardware and platform software engineers
  • willing to travel and work at the customer site.


  • working from home is possible
  • eligible for participation in the Triphase warrant plan.

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