The future is electric

Depending on the source, the future is brown, green or blue. At Triphase, colors don’t matter. We make the future more-electric and we make electricity smarter.

In the 21st century, ever more devices will require electrical energy as their main power source while ever more devices will be capable of generating and storing electrical energy. Electric start to replace petrol ones. Sun and wind make up a fast growing part of our power diet. Battery technologies store ever more energy in a smaller volume. Leveraging these trends requires technologies that integrate all devices into smart AC and DC electricity grids. These grids need the smarts to balance demand with the available supplies and storage. They need to learn from their past to improve their future performance.

Triphase is at the forefront of this electric revolution. Our technology enables engineers to make the future more-electric and to make electricity smarter. We provide them the tools to freely explore, realise and test advanced, large-scale electric power conversion and measurement systems. Triphase solutions are used by universities and industrial research centers worldwide to create tomorrow’s solutions for today’s problems. So join our team and help us build a smarter, more-electric future.

Why work at Triphase?

Triphase is a young and inspiring place to work at. You are part of a team of young professionals and experienced veterans, all driven by a desire to innovate and to always better themselves. Triphase offers a challenging environment that fosters out of the box thinking allowing room to work out non-orthodox solutions independently. As such, next to developing new concepts, you also re-invent your own daily business in order to best suit your competences. No matter what you do at Triphase, you will not only play an important part in building smarter, more-electric systems, but you will also enjoy doing it. Join us and let’s build, develop and change the future with smarter Energy Systems!

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