Testbench for CVT with hybrid simulation for Siemens LMS

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About the project

A Testbench for CVT with hybrid simulation was realized for Siemens to allow them to integrate their AMESim models with actual power hardware. The Triphase system controls 3 electrical motors that emulate the combustion engine and both wheels. The CVT is the Device Under Test (DUT).

The setup

To execute the experiments, the following setup was installed at the laboratories of Siemens LMS, Belgium

The setup consists of:

  • A 3 x 3-phase motor drive with recirculation over the DC bus
  • 3 x induction machines for combustion engine and wheel emulation
  • A CVT as Device Under Test
  • A link with AMESim for PHIL tests

Scope of delivery and customer developments

Triphase Products

Triphase Services

  • AMESim Integration

Customer Implementations

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