Smart Electrical Power Distribution centre for Cleansky

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About the project

SEPDC aims to combine airplanes traditional hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems in electrical architectures. Initiated by Hispano-Suiza, a Cleansky member, as part of the FP7 program, it is lead by 3 european partners: ESIEE Amiens, Hazemeyer and Triphase.

More information and movie:

The SEPDC project will design a test bench (Electrical Power Centre) to support airframers activities. The EPC will feature a smart grid by integrating advanced sensing technologies, control methods and communications in order to be able to accommodate all generation, storage options and loads. The EPC architecture is expected to evolve into networks in which the busbars become active, intelligent with a vast number of system parts communicating and influencing each other. Additionally, they are proposed to become self-healing and resilient to system anomalies in order to increase availability of power, efficiency, reliability, system adaptability and power quality.

The SEPDC proposal goes beyond the state of the art in three specific areas allowing for a more flexible multi-agent system:

From simulation towards realization with one mouse click:

Using automatic code-generation functionality of embedded coder and visualization functions of external mode, allows to easily switching between simulation and configuration modules. This provides powerful possibilities for system engineers enabling to shorten development and testing cycles by 25%. Specific driving systems for different contactor switching devices can be simulated, implemented and tested on the fly.

Easily re-configurable electrical power distribution center, adapted to different voltages and tolerant to faults for more reliability:

Easily re-configurable electrical power distribution center. It will be ensured that different modules are provided that enable to create different steering signals/voltages to allow for support of a multitude of contactor systems. On top of this, it will be ensured that reconfiguration of the different EPC boxes is as easy and maintenance free as possible using different break-out boxes.

Openness and adaptability of the system to easily accept other elements (generators, loads) or to be integrated in a centralized control system:

The central computing node of the system will be based on an x86 based platform. This allows for easy communication towards the outside world and additional PCI interface boards can be integrated providing a very open and adaptable, yet secure system. Measurement and control activities are running in a real-time Linux based environment where all user access is prohibited, to ensure optimal performance and security. In this environment 20 kHz control cycles are guaranteed. All user interface activities are running on a different core of the processor and are running in non-real time, enabling for user interfacing and data exchange towards the outside world.

The setup

To execute the experiments, the following setup was installed

The setup consists of:

  • 240 synchronized current and voltage measurements
  • Central Control Unit
  • AC and DC contactors to emulate different contactor switching patterns and fuse behaviours

Scope of delivery and customer developments

Triphase Products

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