Multisource/load Power Management for Matchpoint, Laborelec

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Laborelec integrates the Triphase technology to empower their extensive test & development infrastructure

In the ever growing need for multi-points, multi- sources/-loads power exchanges in a grid-connected or islanded configuration, the quest for energy efficiency calls for the optimization of the various power flows.

At the crossroards of the power exchange, Laborelec operates a combination of Triphase systems to

  • Develop energy management algorithms;
  • Evaluate components such as EV & EVSE, stationary battery, stationary fuel cell, ...;
  • Simulate components such as EV, home energy consumption and PV
  • Interface with non-standard hardware;

The Triphase approach offers them several advantages, including

  • The modular system allows easy reconfiguration for the various test-cases Laborelec wants to execute
  • Interfacing with both standard and non-standard hardware over a variety of communication protocols thanks to open control system
  • Parameters and behaviour of the simulated components can be easily tuned/optimized thanks to model-based engineering
  • Real-time monitoring and (event-based) analysis of the power flows thanks to high-speed voltage and current measurements
The topology of the Triphase system at Laborelec


The cases below show the wide variety of applications where Laborelec uses their Triphase installation:

A test bench for components in typical and specific conditions
  • Batteries
    • Li-ion Saft Synerion 24M, 428 V - 80 Ah
  • EV charging stations
    • Mode 3 (AC) - 1- and 3-phase
    • Mode 4 (DC) - up to 50kW
  • Real or simulated, tailor-made electrical loads
    • Simulated EV to test charging stations (incl. communication protocol for AC and DC charging)
    • Simulated load for battery testing
A platform for development and test of power management systems at B2C and B2B scale
  • Combination of decentralized electricity production / electrical loads / grid / storage
    • Back-office for the Smart Local Energy Management (SLEM) project
    • EV and fuel cell coupling
  • Up to 90kW
    • B2B energy management applications
    • EV fast charge
  • DC network
    • DC energy sources / batteries / DC fast charge
Flexible EV charging to limit consumption from the grid
  • Demand/response and peak shaving
  • Triphase system used as
    • Development platform for energy management system
    • Simulator of PV production and home baseload consumption
Flexible EV charging to use the vehicle as an energy source for the house: V2H (under construction)
  • Control of the charging/discharging moments in the context of an energy self sufficient home
  • Combination of the Nissan/Nichicon Leaf-to-Home system with fully adjustable production (e.g. PV, fuel cell) and consumption profiles
  • Triphase system used to
    • Supply the non-EU AC voltage wave form requested by the Japanese system
    • Monitor and analyze the bi-directional energy transfers
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