E-Machine Test Bench for Advanced Electromagnetics

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About the project

A flexible E-machine test bench was realized for Advanced Electromagnetics. The bench allows different motor types to be set up and controlled. Energy is recirculated over the DC bus to minimize energy consumption. Digital and analog IO is provided to connect additional sensors such as torque, temperature etc. This allows the test engineers to log all data in a single, synchronized datalogger.

The setup

To execute the experiments, the following setup was installed at the laboratories of Advanced Electromagnetics, the Netherlands

The setup consists of:

  • a 180 kW dual-3-phase drive with isolated rectifier connection
  • a mechanical test bench with load motor
  • Additional voltage and current measurements for analysis
  • A Digital and analog IO interface to connect additional sensors

Scope of delivery and customer developments

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Customer Implementations

  • Parameter tuning to specific DUT machines
  • GUI development for specific test cases
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