Versatile AC and DC Sources for Device Testing

Modern AC and DC devices are subject to rigorous validation techniques during both R&D and end-of-line tests. These tests require advanced, high dynamic voltage and current profiles that interact with the Device Under Test (DUT)'s behaviour.

To this end, Triphase designs and manufactures PMx: a range of programmable 4-quadrant AC and DC power sources, available in configurations from 15 kW up to 2 MW. Using a modular hardware and software approach combined with advanced digital control and measurement techniques, we can offer a high degree of customization while remaining cost effective.

Solution Overview

Triphase employs an integrated hardware/software and electrical/mechanical design approach to deliver customized test systems.

Our core expertise lies in the power conversion system and its control. We also provide a seamless integration with your DUT as well as your test automation and simulation platform.

We take your project from the design phase through to final commissioning, and continues to support you with your future testing goals.

Test automation and simulation

Software and hardware to define, run and analyse tests and simulations.

Power Conversion and Control

High performance power source that includes AC and/or DC output converters, 4Q power supplies, sensors and controllers.

Device Under Test (DUT)

The equipment to be tested: a converter, a battery pack, a passive load, a DC bus, etc.

Triphase Customer / Partner


With PMx, Triphase pushes the boundries of technology and performance, while maximizing flexibility and modularity. As such, PMx is suitable for a wide variety of AC and DC testing and emulation applications.

  • 4-quadrant AC and DC applications
  • 15 kW up to 2 MW
  • <0.5 ms response standard performance / < 50 us response high performance
  • AC ratings: 0-400 | 0-690 VRMS // up to 1600 ARMS/phase
  • DC: 0-650 | 0-1250 VDC // up to 1600 ADC/channel

Our PMx systems have a range of tools to generate test setpoints and scenarios locally, but are also an excellent candidate for integration in a Power Hardware In the Loop (PHIL) system, using our various digital integrations.

Grid and load emulation

Test your AC device' performance in real-world conditions

DC bus and storage emulation

Test your DC device' performance in real-world conditions

Triphase Your Device Under Test (DUT) Partner

Other potential applications include:

  • Aerospace grid and load emulation (400 Hz / 800 Hz AC; +-270/540V DC )
  • Motor / generator emulation
  • Charging station emulation
  • Smart meter yesting
  • Photovoltaic emulation

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6 Reasons to Choose Triphase

High Performance

Using advanced software and hardware control techniques, we push industrial hardware to its limits. We also deliver customized converter designs (multi-phase, multi-level).


Triphase PMx test systems can be used for a variety of applications, only by changing the software. This allows you to maximally benefit from your investment.

PHIL ready

Triphase PMx systems support native integration with a variety of simulation platforms, allowing straighforward setup of PHIL test scenarios.

System-wide Synchronization

All sensors and actuators are synchronized with nano-level precision and locally digitized, enabling easy setup of complex test scenarios with multiple load and source interfaces.

Consultancy and support

We work with our customers to achieve their specific testing goals, by offering state-of-the-art services before, during and after commissioning.

For integrators and end-customers

Triphase is flexible and works with 3rd-parties, integrators and directly with end-customers, depending on the scope of the requirements.

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